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Body Boards that can be used for almost any seasonal conditions

Thanks to Triple X Surf you can use one board for crashing waves on the Beach, In the Swimming Pool, on the Flowrider, River Surfing, Slide The City slip-n-slides, or behind the surfboat Wakesurfing and Sleding in the Snow!

Triple X 's #BeaterBoards, #FoamTopSurfboards, and #BodyBoards are easy on the wallet and you can use it year round from water to snow. These boards have foam tops and plastic bottoms so they can take a Beating in any conditions in its way.

Available in Multiple colors and sizes.

Body Board (Prowler) Description:
The Triple X Prowler is the ultimate board for the beginner rider. The Prowler comes without all the frills and is for those people who are serious about getting into the water to take on bodyboarding for the first time. The board is also great for kids getting in the water learning, it will give them a lot of float and ensure that their first experiences in the water will be good.

Core: HD Super EPS Core - This core material is a perfect compromise between quality and price. Lightweight, rigid and durable, EPS boards are designed with both longevity and budget in mind.

Deck: 8lb XPE decking is a denser, more compact foam that absorbs very little water and is therefore very durable.

Slick: The HD Channeled Slick is a hardened slick material that is durable and fast, yet still super responsive.

Tail: The Crescent Tail provides superior control and hold on the wave face while also allowing for ease of rail to rail transitions and release from carves and spins.

Channels: Graduated Channels will greatly enhance control and drive, ensuring the rider has maximum command over their board when bottom turning, trimming and transitioning from rail to rail.

Additional Features: 60/40 Double rails, Leash and plug.

Beater Board/Soft Top Boards Description:
Heavy duty IXPE skin

Heat laminated around a commercial grade foam core

Professional soft thruster twin fin system

Slick white HDPE high speed bottom

Fiberglass laminated wood stringer

Each surfboard comes with a free high quality double swivel leash

Removable fins for easy transport

Works great for wake surfing and won't damage your expensive ski boat

Can be used in most surf free/black ball zones. Check your local beach for rules.

Length: 4'11" , 5'10", longer on request

Thickness: 3"

Contact Sixx Industries for any questions,comments, addition products not shown by Triple X Surf. Check out our Vimeo Channel www.vimeo.com/sixxindustries for videos of these boards in action on the slopes as well as other videos on the products Sixx IND custom makes in-house and sells from other Action Sports Companies we promote.

@SixxIndustries #RideForYourself - "Why Take One Path? When You Can Ride Them All!!!"