• Image of Sixx Custom Shapes (Skim Style)
  • Image of Sixx Custom Shapes (Skim Style)
  • Image of Sixx Custom Shapes (Skim Style)

All Sixx's Custom Shapes are built to order. So e-mail sixxind@gmail.com or call 208-869-8116 to discuss the board you want created.

TK and Wilsey Skim Series (Skim Style Wakesurfer)

TK and Wilsey skims are unique because they use D-cell foam core that provides performance and durability in a great skim style wakesurfer. TK skims can take a beating and will not absorb water if damaged to the foam core. A must have performance skim that will last unlike most foam core skims out there.

All TK and Wilsey skims run Futures 1/2" fin boxes and come with the newest in wakesurf skim fin design the A6 skim fin. The A6 fin was designed by Aaron Witherell of Witherell Wakesurfing/Pro Wakesurfer and Nick Scott of Sixx Industries along with Futures Fins.

Wilsey Skims come with a Thruster 1/2" fin box setup running 3 A6 fins. Along with a Fish tail.

Tk Skims come with a single center fin box setup running 1 A6 fin. Has a blunted tail and nose shape for optimum push in your wake.

TK and Wilsey Skims also come with your choice of Sixx #HexTheDeck Traction color.

The TK and Wilsey Skim series are designed and built in the Northwest, USA.

Stock Sixx Custom Shapes:

45" TK Skim Series
51" TK Skim Series
53" TK Skim Series
58" TK Skim Series

51" Wilsey Skim Series

Board Building Time just depends on the board a lot of factors come into play when you the rider have the opportunity to design your own custom USA made board. Sixx Industries encourages riders ordering a board to come to the Sixx Compound in Boise, ID and be apart of the build itself getting hands-on with Sixx teaching you how to board fabricate. Just how he started. 3 days to 2 weeks depending on your project. If you are coming out of state you can stay at the Sixx Compound and we will build your board in 4 days by the 5th day we will take you out and you can ride what you created!!!

Prices Range from $600-$800 depending on options.

Sixx Industries core action sport is Wakesurfing. Nick "Sixx" Scott has been in the wakesurfing industry for over 12 years now as a rider/rep for Triple X Surf. While there he started his vision of board fabrication while designing the Slayer and Nitro wakesurfers for Triple X. In 2010 he met Jeff Wahlers Founder/Owner of Soulcraft Boarding who introduced Sixx into the hands-on USA made industry of surfboard shaping. Surfboard fabrication is a artistic talent that is very rare and very hard to learn. Sixx became overcome with a drive to build custom USA made wakesurfers and do it in Boise, ID. In 2011 Sixx became the creator and founder of Brigade Wakesurfing a vision he had been working on since 2009 when he came up with the line "SURF THIS" a line that he thought about all the time and wrote on a rubber band so he could wear it on his wrist so the idea would always be on his mind to Dream it. Create It. Build It. To keep his vision of building a wakesurfing custom USA MFG alive he decided to leave the company he created in order to keep the vision on path and push aside all the "Flash and Hype" to get back to his core values. So in 2014 Sixx Industries took shape and with a goal to push that hardcore value. Ride For Yourself and have people stop and think about life..."Why take one path when you can RIDE them all!?" Sixx Industries just doesn't focus on one industry. Sixx takes his life experiences and skills from other industries and has created Sixx Industries into a multi platform small company offering products and services Sixx knows all about. Support those who create and have a vision for something more core to the roots.

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