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  • Image of Triad Drift Trike Parts

Want to build your own Trike or did you take your Triad into a corner too hot and slammed into the guard rail?!!! Well we can fix you up with official Traid Dirft Trike parts. Sixx Industries sells and ships all parts from a Traid Trike if you don't see it here e-mail or call us. We don't list all the parts we have access too only the most popular trike parts.

Rear Wheels:

Available Colors: Standard (PP) Black Wheel with Choice of Blue, Red, White, Yellow hub. Or Standard (PP) Blue wheel/Orange hub, Green wheel/black hub.

Also Available: PP, POM, Nylon Wheels WITH OUT hub.

Polypropylene (PP) - The standard wheel that comes with the complete trikes is a great all rounder, the most affordable, with good strength, durability and gives you optimum control on slippery surfaces. A good choice for novice riders with the control factor in mind.

PP 1.6lbs

Polyoxymethylene (POM) - is an engineering thermoplastic used in precision parts requiring high stiffness, low friction and excellent dimensional stability. Almost the perfect material for drifting with it’s extremely low coefficient of friction and high abrasion resistance giving a similar feel to PVC on go kart tyres. Characterized by its high strength, hardness and rigidity. For riding a higher grip surfaces or for advanced riders POM gives the ultimate drift experience.

POM 1.9 lbs

Nylon - has excellent strength to weight ratio, abrasion resistance and heat resistance. If you are tough on your trike then this is the wheel for you, being the most durable wheel in the range. It is a strong material but still offers flexibility and friction resistance making it great option for drifting.

Nylon 1.6 lbs

Dimension : 8.7H x 8.7W x 6.3D (inches), Thickness : 6mm

Triad Lotus Seat Pans:

Available in Black, Red, and Blue include all the hardware to bolt to your frame plate. Shipping is include in price.

*Sliding Mouting Bracket Sold Separately

Triad Lotus and Counter Measure Seat Pan Traction:

EVA foam padding for your seat pan available in Super Thin and Comfy Butt thickness. Any Color Available. Contact for Questions or Note in Order. See our Sixx Traction Section for color options.

Triad Rear Axel Spindles:

Sold in a set of two.

Sixx Industries is PROUD and STOKED to be the official Boise, ID and on-line dealer for Triad Drift Trikes and becoming one of the first to begin pushing the Drift Trike movement here in the states. Sixx Industries will be apart of organizing Drift Trike events in Idaho as well as other cities and small towns around the country. Here at Sixx Industries our motto is to Ride For Yourself no matter what action sport you are in. Why take one path when you can RIDE THEM ALL!!! @SixxIndustries on social media sites to keep up to date on up coming events. #RideForYourself #ExperienceLife #TrikesForLife #DriftTrikeIdaho

For Custom Drift Trike Projects or Mods Contact Sixx Industries with your Questions.

If your looking for a specific part for your Drift Trike Project E-mail or Call Us. We offer all Triad Drift Trike Parts for sale but do not list them on our site at this time.

Contact: (208) 869-8116 sixxind@gmail.com